National Grandparents Day: 13 Tweets Proving Why We Love Them So Much

"My nan works in Dreams and was found asleep in one of the beds."

Grandparents are great, aren’t they?

Some of them send texts entirely in capital letters, while others forget when our birthday is and end up giving us two cards in one year. They express shock at how much we’ve grown, give us a tenner whenever we see them, and never fail to get straight to the point.

They carefully listen to our stories (while we are also fascinated by theirs). And they do everything with extreme sincerity and warmth.

Here are 13 tweets that show just why we love them so much.

Cyndi Monaghan via Getty Images

1. They have a wonderfully dry sense of humour.

2. They like to do their own thing.

3. They give us great life advice.

4. They show how much they love us.

5. They do the most adorable things.

6. And they also have fun.

7. They like to bring us gifts.

8. And they say the most random - but hilarious - things.

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