08/01/2018 11:18 GMT

Golden Globes: Twitter Stands In Solidarity With Celebrities Using The #WhyWeWearBlack Hashtag

'Black is the presence of all colours.'

Members of the public took to Twitter last night as part of a hashtag campaign that saw users sharing photos of themselves wearing black in support of victims of abuse in Hollywood.

The revelations around sexual harassment in the film industry led to the creation of the ‘Me Too’ movement, which was then shortly followed by ‘Times Up,’ a Hollywood initiative to actively support and protect victims of abuse.

Rachel Murray via Getty Images

Supporting both these movements were the attendees of the Golden Globes, almost all of whom had chosen to wear black. By sharing pictures of their outfits on social media the “Why We Wear Black” movement was born. 

Celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Rosario Dawson then took to Twitter to encourage fans to stand in solidarity by using the hashtag.

And Twitter certainly delivered.

Thousands of Twitter users joined in the support by sharing photos of themselves in all-black attire with the hashtag #whywewearblack