Woman Surprises Husband With Unexpected Pregnancy Announcement During Romantic Photoshoot

So cute

A couple have given us ‘big pregnancy reveal’ inspiration after the mother-to-be decided to surprise her husband by hijacking a romantic photoshoot.

Chelsie Morales from Nebraska, USA, decided to set up the situation by telling her husband Will they had won the chance to do a romantic husband-and-wife series of pictures with Kara Quinn photography.

She told him that during the photoshoot, they would both have to write three words to describe their partner on a blackboard (cue all the tears).

Photographer Quinn told HuffPost UK: “Will actually thought he and his wife won a photo shoot with me. When he arrived, he was already so excited about winning something. He said: ‘We never win anything!’”

So far, so normal. But there was a twist in store for unsuspecting Will.

Morales wrote on her Instagram page that she had always “wanted to capture Will’s reaction when telling him this special news [pregnancy].”

So instead of writing about her husband on her board, she wrote: “You’re going to be a daddy.”

She revealed it only after Will had already told her she was “beautiful, witty and smart” (double win).

And the shock on Will’s face is pretty obvious.

Quinn said: “It was a long couple of seconds before Will actually realised what it said.

“You can see in the photos he was standing there with a polite smile on his face and then suddenly, he was sent into pure shock.

The whole session went just as planned with no hiccups involved.

“It was actually supposed to storm the evening of our session. We just prayed and prayed it would hold off until we were finished with the big surprise.

“To our surprise, not a drop of rain appeared during our session. It was just amazing from start to finish.”

The couple then went on to take another collection of photographs with their baby scan and their dog Moose, who is wearing a ‘big brother’ t-shirt throughout.

Morales, who is due in February 2018, wrote on her Instagram page:Kara could not have done a better job helping my dream become a reality. We will cherish these forever.”

The mother-to-be also added that their dog Moose still “isn’t quite sure” what to think about the whole situation, but that they “could not be more grateful” that they are welcoming an additional family member.