02/04/2019 08:55 BST | Updated 02/04/2019 09:08 BST

7 WTF Moments From Last Night's Brexit Vote To Help You Deal With Our Current Political Mess

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Last night the country’s elected officials gathered in Westminster to try and hammer out... oh you know the score by now, it was Brexit-related and it was a bit of a farce.

Once again MPs, after voting to take control of Brexit last week, failed to take control of a single thing and Britain is currently heading for a no-deal scenario come 12 April.

Infographic supplied by Statista.

Anyway, why concentrate on that when you can suppress the imminent doom deep inside yourself and laugh at some of the weirder moments from last night’s indicative votes?

To begin, ladies and gentlemen, we bring you Tory MP Steve Baker, or as his mum calls him, apparently, “BREXIT HARDMAN STEVE BAKER”.

Yes, he actually said that. No, we have no idea what he was on about either.

So it was (sort of?) touching when, in the BBC’s The Brexit Storm: Laura Kuenssberg’s Inside Story, he was shown to be close to tears and battling a wobbly lip after voting down the PM’s deal last month.


Over on Sky News, the graphics team had obviously thought long and hard about how to illustrate the complexities and potential impact of Brexit on trade.

The result? This floating head unceremoniously projected onto a shipping container like some kind of weird trade troll.

Sky News

One a more serious note, there was plenty of drama around the vote, not least when Tory MP Nick Boles quit the party “with immediate effect” because the party “has shown itself to be incapable of compromise”.

The government clearly took it well...

As if all this wasn’t enough, scantily-clad demonstrators had to be removed from the House of Commons earlier in the day after they launched a protest over climate change during the debate.

Interrupting parliamentary proceedings ahead of another crunch vote on Europe, the men and women stripped off to reveal slogans such as “Climate Justice Act Now” on their torsos.

The Metropolitan Police said 12 people were arrested for outraging public decency.

Here’s Ed Miliband trying to act professionally.

And finally, here’s Tory MP Mark Francois who was clearly not very happy at will the evening’s proceedings.

Not content with telling Philip Hammond where to go on live radio...

... he also claimed the votes were “an attempted coup against the British people”, wonderfully misinterpreting the very meaning of the word “coup”.

Nicky Morgan’s face is all of us right now...

ITV News