Metropolitan Police Service

"Telling people who don’t agree with you to leave the country is about as 'cancel culture' as it gets."
"British taxpayers have an absolute right to know how much of their money was spent," Emily Thornberry said.
Scotland Yard said a "significant" amount of investigative material remains to be assessed, suggesting more might be issued.
Piers Corbyn believes the coronavirus pandemic has been manufactured as part of a secret conspiracy to depopulate the earth.
Police have released new photos of Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman taken in the Wembley park on the night of the fatal stabbings.
Leslie Thomas says the positive action that is needed can only come when police forces acknowledge existing issues.
The picture was taken during a far-right protest in London on Saturday.
Self-proclaimed 'statue defenders' were filmed hurling glass bottles, fireworks and smoke grenades at police on Saturday.
There are fears of clashes between anti-racism protesters and far-right activists during demonstrations on Saturday afternoon.
Millard Scott, 62, was Tasered by the Metropolitan Police at his home in Tottenham, north London.