Steve Baker politician

The government is expected to win support for keeping hold of powers until October.
Steve Baker and his Covid Recovery Group are leading the charge for "a free life" – but their plan has a few flaws.
But Tories tell HuffPost UK there is “no chance” of a challenge to the PM despite ex-Brexit minister Steve Baker’s explosive letter.
Former Tory leaders Theresa May and Iain Duncan Smith and ex-minister Steve Baker were among the 55 rebels who refused to back the government.
Steve Baker warns: 'How do people think that liberty dies?'
Former minister Steve Baker described the new rules as "not a fit legal environment for the British people".
"There cannot be one rule for most of us and wriggle room for others," Boris Johnson told.
Steve Baker tells HuffPost UK the PM must set out the "true balance of risks" from coronavirus or he could lose public consent.
ERG boss tells HuffPost UK the Tories will not agree to Farage's demand that they back a no-deal Brexit.
Final hour meeting of ERG decided no MP will "vote against" the PM - meaning a small number may hold out.