Lush Plastic-Free Makeup Launches In Store, Including Highlighters And Foundations


Lush is “stripping away unnecessary packaging” and rolling out a range of plastic-free foundations and highlighters at its flagship store on Oxford Street.

It is introducing 40 shades of foundation, which are egg shaped and dipped in wax rather than being encased in plastic, and five shades of glow sticks – which can be used as highlighters, eye shadow, or lip colour.


The range had previously been on sale online-only, and now the makeup range will be in store from 1 November following strong demand, Lush said.

Its glow sticks will be priced at £11.95 and the foundation eggs at £16.95.


Beauty brands are starting to tap into the trend for plastic-free packaging, and earlier this year Colette Mounsey, Lush’s UK PR manager, told HuffPost UK previously the company has been reaping the benefits of this surge in interest, which she says was driven by David Attenborough’s much-watched ‘Blue Planet’ series.

Sales of its shampoo bars, which are plastic-free, have shot up by 41% in a year.