'You Cannot Read Each Other's Minds': The 6 Golden Rules For Marriage, According To This Man

Is this how you make a marriage last?

Whether you’re married, in a relationship or just taking notes for the future, it’s always interesting to hear how other people make their relationship work long-term.

So you might be intrigued to hear one man’s six golden rules for marriage – especially as people on Twitter have been absolutely loving them.

Ryan Stephens said he and his wife focus more on being “team mates”, rather than “soul mates” – here are their six rules to success.

1. Don’t bad mouth one another.

2. Communication is key.

3. Try new things.

4. Celebrate each other’s wins.

5. Be grateful.

6. Trust one another.

People on Twitter were supportive of the rules, and said it was how they made it work in their own relationships.

What do you think – has he got those six rules nailed?