13/07/2017 11:55 BST

A UK Fashion Brand Has Collaborated With A Plus-Size Disabled Model For A First-Of-Its-Kind Collection

'Always make sure you look fabulous by feeling comfortable'


A UK fashion retailer has collaborated with disabled plus-size model Katie Knowles to create a first-of-its-kind campaign and collection. 

Yours Clothing worked with Knowles on the range due to high demand from disabled customers looking for style advice. 

Knowles, who has spinal stenosis, Disc Degenerative Disease (DDD), hyper-mobility and failed spinal fusion - which caused severe nerve damage throughout her right leg - looks incredible in the campaign. 

From floral jackets and oversize tees to flowing dresses, Knowles showcases how to wear the versatile styles. 

Here she shares her top tips for dressing with a disability: 

Yours Clothing / Katie Knowles

Don’t Hide In Black

Wear colour or even just a pop of colour. At first as a disabled person I hid in unflattering black clothes, not anymore.

I also have a visually impaired friend who struggles with colour but she makes sure to wear colour as it brings her soul to life – colour your world for you.

Yours Clothing / Katie Knowles

Add Some Bling

Due to having walking aids, I struggle with accessories on my wrists as they catch, so instead I will try opt for a statement necklace or big earrings to keep the bling factor and draw attention to my face. 

Yours Clothing / Katie Knowles

Know Your Fabrics 

Crutch or walking aid users may struggle with sleeves, for example, I love faux fur coats but I find they are too thick that I can’t get my arm through – always look out for thinner styles of fabric.

This season, I love frill and flare sleeves and they work so well with my needs. I can make the most of them at any sleeve length. 

Yours Clothing / Katie Knowles

Forward Plan 

Plan what you wear - that way you usually can avoid getting clothing stuck or ruined with your aids.

Yours Clothing / Katie Knowles

Keep It Simple

I also avoid things with too many buttons so I’m more at ease with my joints in my hands. Luckily there are lots of faux shirts to slip on or off-the-shoulder tops.

Clothes that are easier to slip on and off take much less time, leggings and jeggings are my best friend and I love little jackets that I can just chuck on. 

Yours Clothing / Katie Knowles

Be Patient

Finally, don’t get disheartened, it’s a massive trial and error process. You can always find a way to adjust and adapt it to how you want.

Yours Clothing / Katie Knowles


The entire range is available to buy online