Why Stress Is an Invitation to Live Your Best Life

If you work in a stressful environment practice anchoring yourself in your own energy without getting drawn in to other peoples. Don't waste time trying to control people, focus your attention on your own energy.

For most people stress is the experience of intense mental, emotional strain or pressure. As a result of the speed at which we lives stress has become the number 1 issue of our times. Everyone is constantly on the move, multi-tasking, and trying to be in multiple places at the same time. When we're not doing these things we are occupied with our phones and laptops. From morning till night our minds are constantly stimulated, but energetically we are paying the price for it.

Perhaps many of you reading this right now are experiencing a lot of stress in your life? Perhaps you've been ignoring it, working around it, or perhaps it's been something you've been meaning to attend to but you just can't seem to find the time to de-stress.

Whatever your reasons are, at some point you are going to have ask yourself this question; what is really stressing me out? And how can I take better care of myself?

As a therapist I treat many clients for stress-related issues and most recently I have created a Hypnosis App to help people de-stress. Time and time again I see that people's feelings of stress are a symptomatic response to a much deeper issue. In other words what you think is stressing you out is rarely the real issue.

When you first begin to explore your feelings of stress you might blame it on your boss at work, difficult co-workers, something that primarily exists outside of yourself. But as you go more inward, you'll begin to understand that everything that is happening on the external level is just a reflection of what is happening internally. I had a client once who could barely move within her room because it was filled with junk, but as we explored her issues more deeply it became clear that the chaotic mess in her room was just a reflection of her inner turmoil.

One of the biggest lessons I've learnt working with clients is that unacknowledged stress creates chaos. And chaos prevents you from seeing things clearly. When you are unable to see your life with clarity you will make poor choices.

The chaos that ensues can leave you feeling out of balance and completely disconnected from yourself.

Stress situations often arise from the fear of change. Change is synonymous with stress. Perhaps you have just started a new job, you've been given a promotion, or you've been made redundant, or you have spilt from a long-term partner. Even if the changes that might come are positive, adjusting to the change it brings can be mentally and emotionally challenging. And what people often do is fight change which in turn can create stress and chaos.

The best way to get yourself unstuck is to become aware of when you are being alerted to recognise change and when you are blocking it.

As a result of the fast-paced lives we live being pushed to our breaking point is sometimes the only means that cause us to do something about our stress-levels. If this didn't happen you would probably continue to tell yourself and everybody that you're fine when you're really falling apart.

But why wait until you get to this point? If you feel yourself becoming stressed go inward and ask yourself this question; what am I experiencing internally and how is this affecting my external life? Rather than making stress the enemy look at as an invitation to live your live your best life.

Top tips for managing stress

1.If you work in a stressful environment practice anchoring yourself in your own energy without getting drawn in to other peoples. Don't waste time trying to control people, focus your attention on your own energy.

2.Are you taking care of yourself emotionally, physically, and energetically? If not what part of yourself are you neglecting and why? What part of you is in desperate need of nourishment?

3.Are you afraid of change? If the answer is yes, perhaps it's time to change your relationship with change. Start by reflecting on moments in your life when change had a positive impact on your life.

4.Observe your attitude! If you have lots of judgements about your life, if you spend most of your time being negative by the end of the day you're going to feel drained. Focus your energy on cultivating more positive states of mind. This is often the best way to de-stress.

5.Develop an intuitive relationship with your body. If you have a backache, constant headaches, your chest feels tight, and you're constantly getting colds, your body may be trying to communicate to you that you are off balance. Listen to its messages, and make it a priority to take better care of yourself!

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