Donald Trump's Long Hot Summer Of Our Discontent

09/08/2017 14:02 BST | Updated 09/08/2017 14:02 BST
PA Wire/PA Images

It is August and President Trump and the U.S. Congress are away on holiday.

Both have left Washington with very little to brag about on the achievement front.

The President who presides over a GOP controlled House and Senate has only one piece of legislation under his belt after 200 days in office, the Russia, Iran and North Korea Sanctions Bill which he grudgingly signed!

This veto-proof bill which was overwhelmingly passed by Congress, limits President Trump's power to lift or ease these sanctions, seems to be the only thing that Congress could agree on before they left for Summer recess.

Hemingway once wrote: "In war, my experience has been that a rude general is a nervous general."

I guess the same could be applied to a nervous president, a president who feels that with each day those who are at war with him and his family are closer and closer to the truth which eventually will make its way to the surface for all to see.

Things are not going as planned for President Trump. As he had hoped, he is not universally loved and adored or even listened to by the GOP faithful.

And except for a Supreme Court appointment he has none of the legislative accomplishments he promised, proving that his adopted Republican Party is no longer fearful of him - as loyalty was never part of the deal.

There are only so many tricks one who is under investigation can pull out of his magic hat or from up his sleeve.

At some point the "fake news media", as President Trump calls them, will make an affirmative decision to refuse to respond to them.

That theory is being tested today as the White House Press Corps, whose job is to cover and report on any president's daily activities, are being sequestered literally twelve miles from the Trump owned Bedminster National Golf Club during his seventeen day "workation" and left to report on spoon fed morsels of highlighted information and early morning Twitter Rages.

At the same time, the President has launched his very own television station "Trump TV" to promote his "many accomplishments" and ensure his re-election.

Although all administrations have used their own means to promote their message, Barack Obama notwithstanding, no president has launched their very own TV station which to some looks and sounds like a State TV propaganda machine of a totalitarian regime. A concept which was perhaps inspired by Vladimir Putin.

With Russia investigations in the U.S. House and Senate and an the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller under full steam, Trump, his family and his campaign are under real scrutiny for the first time.

So with his ratings tanking, his Twitter feed out of control, his team distracted with various investigations as they are also forced to lawyer-up themselves, President Trump may be looking for that "big distraction" to change the story once and for all.

There are only so many times you can rearrange the Oval Office furniture as the latest sackings have the White House North West Gate exit spinning like a New York City subway turnstile at rush hour.

The latest nuclear saber rattlings and threats to Kim Jong Un is not anyway to distract from the Russia investigation but desperate times sometimes see desperate moves by desperate people.

Just like during the campaign when it came to Hillary's emails - only Hillary knew what we didn't know and Hillary knew everything - similarly Donald Trump knows exactly what his relationship with Vladimir Putin was and continues to be.

And as chief navigator of all things Trump-Russia, he knows all the players, how they acted and how they were involved with the Russians either clandestinely or out in the open.

Papa Trump as the protector-in-chief of his family, also knows exactly what his sons', his son-in-law's and his daughter's connections are to all things Russia.

This is a very serious burden for a father and if there is any sympathy to be felt here it's one of a father's tragic loss which may be coming his way.

While the U.S. Congress and our modern-day Eliot Ness, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, painstaking puts the pieces of a complex puzzle together, this President already knows the full picture.

And if that "Fake News Hoax" story displeases President Trump he may simply have to create a bigger and better distraction no matter the cost.

I hope Kim Jong Un is listening!