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US Mid-Terms - Can Hillary Save the Presidency?

Perhaps the biggest beneficiary of this Democratic ouster could be Hillary Clinton. If the Republicans cannot legislate and deliver, HRC could run against a failed Republican Congress and win. Is Hillary the answer in 2016 as she almost was in 2008?

Like it or not in any Mid-term election as head of his party, the president and his team, are held accountable for any "shellacking" that may have occurred.

What message did the American people send this president? What message did the American people send Congress?

The exit polls indicate that more voters cast their vote against candidates and policies they did not like rather than in support of any candidates or their specific agenda.

Overall this at least shows that voters can be motivated to get out and make their voices heard.

When they give up on the process and stay home, the survival of the republic is in jeopardy.

What seems clear to those who did vote is that the president and Congress could not break the gridlock in Washington and deliver the "change" people were hoping for in 2008 and again in 2012. And since the President is the most visible elected official... he gets to shoulder blame.

The American people have spoken. The question is was anyone really listening?

The real problem is that in America - where we don't have a parliamentary system where you elect the party and its platform - we tend to elect individual celebrities, movie stars, the coolest guy or gal in high school to lead us.

Just think of how our presidents were defined by their secret service code names.

JFK - Lancer, Ronald Reagan - Rawhide, George H.W. Bush - Timberwolf, Bill Clinton - Eagle aka Elvis, George W. Bush - Trailblazer, Barack Obama - Renegade.

Remember what they say at every White House Correspondents Dinner, "Washington is Hollywood for ugly people. "

Both the president and Congress have a lot at stake now.

The president, a young man when he leaves office, has two more years to carve his legacy out of a lame duck session.

For the new Republican majority in Congress, instead of simply running against the Obama agenda, they will now need to deliver on their own agenda for the American people - or face their own "drubbing" two years from now.

Perhaps the best news for America is if the president and Congress can find something that works for Obama's legacy and is in keeping with the Republican agenda, maybe they can actually get some of the people's work done!

The next two years will be a dry run for many of the Republican presidential hopefuls in Congress to strut their stuff and show America that they have great and inspiring ideas and can get things done - Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan and the new kid on the block, the oh-so-telegenic Corey Gardner... Colorado's soon to be Senator.

Leading the Republicans outside the infamous Beltway are governors and former Governor Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Rob Portman, Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal and, of Republican Primary Debate fame, Governor Rick Perry of the 'Lone Star State', just like 'W', to prove they have something to offer the American people in 2016.

Remember this is the third "change election" in a row since 2008 and all exit polls have indicated the voters expect more than just slogans and sound bites - they expect results!

As we are now forced to focus on the next presidential election a fair question to ask ourselves as citizens is - has the job of president simply become too overwhelming for any one person to handle effectively?

Today's modern-day president must play so many roles and perform them with exceptional brilliance. - There is no room for failure.

He or she will now inherit a never ending list of responsibilities, challenges and surprises so they will have almost no time to deliver on the agenda they promised during their campaign.

Presidents must of course be the commander-in-chief and head of party that nominated them.

He or she must also assume the roles of secretary of state, defense, treasury, commerce, Homeland security all while keeping a watchful eye on Congress and every domestic issue that can plague any president.

The US faces so many complex challenges today that it is hard to imagine how one person can effectively handle it all.

Take our current President Obama - so far he has faced a potential total collapse of the US economy, two ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Arab Spring, the continuing threat of terrorism at home and abroad - Isil and others - Iran's nuclear threat, the Libya Crisis, the Syria Crisis, Israel - Gaza Crisis, Putin, Crimea and Ukraine, North Korea, the NSA scandal, massive immigration issues including unaccompanied minors crossing the US border, too many school shooting to count, the Ebola Epidemic and list just keeps growing.

The US is still the largest economy in the world and still the indispensable party every time there is an international crisis.

So who has the skill set to fill the toughest job on Earth?

Sorry, Superman is a comic book character. But you do get the picture.

So do we choose a business executive - Mitt Romney, Michael Bloomberg, Meg Whitman?

A governor - Chris Christie, Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal, Rob Portman, Andrew Cuomo?

Or a leader in Congress - Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, Elizabeth Warren, Rand Paul, Joe Manchin and, of course, VPOTUS himself the incomparable Joe Biden.

Today's challenges cry out for Washington, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, IKE, JFK, LBJ, Reagan, Clinton - Churchill or Thatcher?

Perhaps the biggest beneficiary of this Democratic ouster could be Hillary Clinton.

If the Republicans cannot legislate and deliver, HRC could run against a failed Republican Congress and win.

Is Hillary the answer in 2016 as she almost was in 2008?

Can 'St. Hillary' ride her white horse to the White House and save the day?

Does she have what it takes to clean up the mess in Washington?

Does her extensive experience as First Lady, senator, presidential candidate and secretary of state qualify her to meet this extraordinary challenge?

Does she even want to do this again?

It may be that not even Hillary's 'hairdresser,' hubby, daughter or inner circle know for sure.

As I have said earlier this year, my money is on "a run for the roses" for this thoroughbred contender, bearing in mind one very important fact... Hillary knows what we don't know.

Ultimately that will be the deciding factor.

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