The System is Broken - Now Fix it!

19/11/2011 16:38 GMT | Updated 19/01/2012 10:12 GMT

"There's something happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear..." Buffalo Springfield.

Occupy Wall Street is sending a loud and clear message to congress and its Super Committee, so they better well listen!

Occupy Wall Street does have a message, even though they may not have found the right messenger yet to articulate it.

Their message is simple and profound - their government no longer serves their interests and they are mad as hell and taking to the streets.

They may have picked the wrong target and be marching in the wrong streets, nevertheless their message is clear and sadly correct.

Their government is no longer working to protect their interests.

They are exercising probably their last remaining democratic rights - their right of free speech and their right to assemble and protest.

Here is where they got it wrong - they should be seeking redress and petitioning their government and NOT individual businesses.

The banks, and for that matter, any other single businesses are not the problem.

They are only taking advantage of the opportunities provided to them by the system.

In a democracy it is the job of government to regulate and prevent the abusive practices of business.

In a democracy in a capitalist system, government is responsible for striking a balance between unfettered capitalism and the best interests of the people.

What Americans have allowed their system of government to become is the real problem.

Americans have gradually allowed money and special interests to take over, and all but paralyse the U.S. democratic system.

This has been a slow but steady process.

First, without any national discussion at all of the long-term consequences, Americans were force fed the idea that free trade and globalisation was the way to go.

The changes that occurred resulted in the global business concept as opposed to those solely with a national identity - U.S. owned.

This was the beginning of jobs moving out of the U.S. to countries where the costs of production were lower and the profits would be higher.

Although this was clearly in the best interest of the corporations who did this, not one politician on either side explained or discussed what this might ultimately mean to their constituents and America as a whole.

There was no discussion of how it might affect manufacturing and even national security which is linked closely with economic security.

Although Europe took a similar route, they did a much better job of protecting some domestic manufacturing and other critical sectors.

Congress was merely doing the bidding of their biggest contributors global business.

Bit by bit Americans sat on the sidelines while their democracy eroded piece by piece as cash became king in the political process, completely over shadowing the interests and the voice of the people.

Nowhere is this more clear than in the battle raging in the U.S. congress' Super Committee at the moment.

The real unspoken battle is not between two differing views of what is best for the people but a fight between special interest groups trying to get their way with Congress.

Although some political spin-meisters would have Americans believe that it is a war between those supporting more government or less, it is really a battle between the interests of global business and the average citizen in the streets.

Global business is not the enemy; it is the lifeline.

It provides jobs and economic security but unfortunately answers to no one other than its shareholders.

In this new borderless global economy it has no real nationality and it goes where conditions are best for profit.

It has no loyalty or concern for the welfare of the community other than what is required by law.

Members of Congress need huge piles of money to stay in power and most do the bidding of their contributors including global business, not their constituents.

Americans lost this fight when they abandoned campaign finance reform, and the Supreme Court made the final blow to this effort with its decision in the Citizens United case - allowing even more cash to pour into the political system.

Congress has become dangerously polarised. It is a place where statesman, who really do try to serve the interests of the people are targeted for defeat by extremist on both sides.

Up till now this was fine with most Americans as long as there were plenty of jobs.

And as long as those jobs were able to provide a comfortable life style for them and their families.

Those but those days are long gone.

Whether they want to hear it or not, the U.S. is currently loosing the global competition for the best jobs.

Compounding that, the average American does not have a high powered lobbyist banging down the doors of their Congress member to make their case.

However, they all still do have the right to vote - most simply don't bother to use it or think it doesn't matter.

All of this has been possible because Americans have become lazy about their democracy. They have actively participated in their own 'dumbing down.'

Instead of elevating education they have been fooled into demonizing the educated as 'elites.'

Elevating stupidity is the surest way to win the race to the bottom.

Maybe its time for a new reality show. Instead of The Biggest Loser how about The Smartest Kid or Know Your Constitution? - What it really says and not what some political influence peddler wants you to believe.

There may be a glimmer of hope as some Americans have finally realised just what is happening here...or there.

They have joined the OWS movement to take to the streets and let their voices be heard in New York, Los Angeles, Oakland and the list goes on.

In the UK, Greece, Italy and in other countries across Europe this very same disconnect and frustration has literally brought some governments to their knees.

It is simply unrealistic to reverse all of this while maintaining any form of a civilised society.

Those who say otherwise are ill informed and foolish.

However, it is not too late to put things back in balance and provide an environment which is both good for business - even global business and people.

It may be time for these Americans to move beyond the marching and the camping in the streets to get their message out.

It may be time for these Americans to take back their democracy in a more meaningful way - by really getting involved in the political process and voting for people who have their best interests in mind..."For What It's Worth"

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