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Embracing Your Inner Child

The soul is not going to be expressed fully and naturally. It will have to please the world in order to be loved. We all create an ego that is this personality that wants to match the world and we start adopting a lot of judgement from our surroundings.

Your inner child holds a lot of treasures for you. When we are born into this world we are a soul coming in and manifesting as a physical body. As a baby we are 100% our soul. At the beginning it's fine because as a baby, everybody loves us. But we are going to understand slowly that people have judgements and offer us love with conditions: we are becoming a member of a society in a new world and we have to transform ourselves into a new being depending on the family where we arrive. The family has an agenda for us and to please them we are going to transform ourselves: we need to be 'this' - we need to be 'that', in order to be loved.

The soul is not going to be expressed fully and naturally. It will have to please the world in order to be loved. We all create an ego that is this personality that wants to match the world and we start adopting a lot of judgement from our surroundings. Each one of us is alone in front of this whole thick consciousness of judgement and when we don't receive love back when we are completely ourselves, we react and the transformation creates a new being - the ego.

Slowly we reject who we truly are bit by bit. This happens in childhood. The child will understand that he cannot express completely who he is. He learns he cannot be expressing his creativity or his intuition or his vision. The child has a lot of gifts, he has a lot of intuition and he has a lot of love to give and a very genuine vision of the world. But his family teaches him how to not love everybody. The child is going to contain his true self as a soul in a little box that he will keep deep inside. It's going to be hidden because he's going to be afraid to show it. It's out of fear that we all create an ego and keep the 'real me' hidden inside ourselves.

And as we grow in society and become an adult we keep this secret within us, in our inner child. The inner child has the memory of the gifts of our soul, but also all the memories of the moments of frustration where we learnt we could not express our truth, where we were afraid, where our souls were negated or even violated. And our inner child holds all the fears that we felt and were not able to express because it was 'not proper', it was not the 'right time'. Our parents would tell us this partly because they have lost their own memory of childhood and no longer understand the soul's needs. It's a deep misunderstanding between generations.

So our inner child is a bank of emotion for us all. And also a bank of knowledge because our inner child knows what our soul is able to do in this lifetime, but we have lost touch with our inner child and that treasure trove of knowledge. So basically we need to do deep work to reconnect with our inner child and the truth of who we really are. Making peace with our inner child has a huge, positive impact on our psychological well-being.

The more we realise the fears with which we've blocked our lives the more we are going to reveal what those blockages are and the more we can unblock them. This will release a lot of stuck emotion from the past and as it flows away from us our truth will be revealed. We will see whom we truly are behind the lies and the fears that have shaped our lives. All the blockages from birth to now exist in our etheric body, but are also manifested in our emotional body and in our physical body. Working to clear them is almost like a spiritual detox. We're going to detoxify fear that we've blocked ourselves with and have forgotten. All the fears that we unveil are going to liberate us inside.

A dialogue with our inner child is something that benefits us all. So if you haven't yet started the conversation, why not start now? You will learn to recognise the gifts that are in your soul and realise that what makes your inner child happy is to express those gifts. When you do this you will be joyful, you will tap into the pure joy that lies in the expression of your gifts. This will have an impact on your emotional being and your physical being. For me the best way to connect and work with the inner child is to meditate.

If you click on the link below you can relax into my meditation that takes you into the energy of your inner child - an energy that is totally available to you. It's the opening of a new conversation that you can have with your childhood. It's a treasure for you to open in order to remember things that are very important for your own knowledge of who you are. And even if what you discover is not very clear or understandable at first, the fact that you are connecting with this energy will bring about a shift in you that will liberate you from a lot of blockages that are in you. Don't worry if this doesn't happen right away, the change will just unfold naturally in your life. Basically this meditation opens a process of positive transformation.

After it, you will be given a lot of signs that will help you understand all of your life's path where you've closed down your freedom and your gifts. So it's not in one day that you will recover everything, but in that moment of meditation that you will open the door to discovering your truth. It's a gift to be able to do this and to move on with clearing your path and to progress in your life. Come back to the truth of who you are: discover the joy that comes with expressing the gifts that are in your soul and allow yourself to be free again - just by liberating your path and embracing your inner child.

Click here for the meditation "Healing Your Inner Child"