Top Five Emerging Icons Live: 15 April - 21 April 2013

Each week we like to put together a list of our top picks to help you in the right direction- tipping you off about the most unmissable dates on the Emerging Icons gig calendar- to make sure you can get them added to yours!

Emerging Icons is the number one place for new music obsessives and gargantuan gig geeks to come together in harmony and sniff out the most awesome of live shows occurring around the country.

Each week we like to put together a list of our top picks to help you in the right direction- tipping you off about the most unmissable dates on the Emerging Icons gig calendar- to make sure you can get them added to yours!

It's really very simple. All you need to do is follow the links below to visit each artist's listings, and there you can click 'YES'- you plan on attending. That means your favourite acts will know you're turning up and you can keep your diary nicely organised by having all the dates you need to know in one handy place. Shazam. These guys can tell you how easy it is...

So here are this week's supremely awesome showcases of talent- our Top Five Emerging Icons Live...

Tuesday 16th April

Kicking off our awesome live listings for this week, we have the spectacularly brilliant Little Fears doing their thang down in B-Town. The band we once compared to Radiohead are, funnily enough, going to be heading into Thom and co's own studio to record their new single with producer Tom Dalgety very soon. Well, what can we say- our finger is never off the new music pulse, guys and gals. A Little Fears show has become something of local legend; so you'd be highly advised to witness them in their natural habitat before they go and do something like get astonishingly famous and headlining whopping venues all over the place. (Seriously- it's really not that unlikely.) If you like your alt-rock nice and epic, this is the show for you.

Thursday 18th April

Gravelly blues is the order of the day in Putney's Half Moon as our mate Wille and his talented Bandits venture up from the West Country for a cracking little show tonight. For those who are new to the dreadlocked roots warriors, this trio are everything you'd want in terms of groove. Jamming with elements of world music and a love for heavy rock; their unusual, creative instrumentation and a vocal like nothing you've ever heard before make their performances a wholly unique experience. It's quite something to be able to see a band who have supported legendary acts like Deep Purple, The Jon Butler Trio and Status Quo all over Europe in a cosy venue like this- so don't go missing it.

Thursday 18th April

Tonight's show from our ever-glam Headliner is going to be a pretty damn special. Not only does it come from the beautifully intimate surroundings of The Troubadour- a venue with an atmosphere that's a treat for any music fan- but it's also the first live showcasing of Elissa Franceschi's brand new material. The emotional singer-songwriter has been locked down in the studio recently getting her new EP together to introduce to the world- and we can't wait to hear it. With this latest project having been driven forward thanks to the support of her fans, it will be a real pleasure for them to enjoy the new tracks in an enchanting space such as this. In the mood for some musical magic? Get this show added to your gig calendar...

Friday 19th April

Bright, colourful, and effervescent- Xsara is a musician renowned for her dazzling live performance. With a style that incorporates blues, cabaret, jazz and pop; this is a show woman with the full package- a striking look, incredible songs and one helluva voice. Her inspiration from enigmatic performers such as Kate Bush, Tori Amos and Janis Joplin shines through- they are all strong, forthright females who refuse to compromise on their creative identity- and neither does Xsara. Having been tipped for big things by BBC Introducing, Q Magazine and most importantly- us- we highly recommend this show if you need a night with a bit of sparkle.

Saturday 20th April

Our buddies Bibelots always have one word following them wherever they go- and that's 'swagger'. Whilst little twerps like Cher Lloyd and Justin Bieber have tried their best to hijack it, it's something that most definitely remains in this London five-piece's possession. Their flawless fusion of dirty blues, electronic rock n' roll and pure dance creates a musical concoction so potent that 'swagger' oozes from every pore. They'll have you throwing some moves and rocking out in equal measure- as well as completely owning that stage at The Finsbury while they're at it. If you haven't had a taste of that unrivalled Bibelots vibe before, get your arse down to this show and get prepared to dance.

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