16/04/2015 07:48 BST | Updated 15/06/2015 06:59 BST

The Bum Deal....

It's official the bum is in. It's been in for a while but it is now reaching new heights or lows depending on how little you squat! People are obsessed both men and women, I really only realised it last week when my new best friend Denise-who I had met one day before said "All the girls here have god bums". The bum is in baby, but it's bloody draining. I don't know what's going on but as usual the ideal or acceptable female body is changing form and yes its moving away from being skinny to a more athletic form but this form is almost to the point that is unattainable for so many.

With The Gram growing in users by the day, people who use it are bombarded with the now obligatory "ab check" "booty check" "back check", there are more selfie checks ins than there are people checking onto flights in JFK Airport! The fitness world is truly changing, there are people training to lose weight, to become a better runner, to win a triathlon, to be an Olympic Weightlifter, to be the best Crossfitter or just to get out and get some head space and of course for the over achievers they are trying to do it all! For me I just simply train but I do have weekly and monthly goals that I like to smash, it's a way of being accountable to me. I am lucky I get to train in a facility where my coaches are at the top of their game, everyday I am getting better, faster, stronger and my body is benefitting greatly from all of this.

I love to look at people and see them progressing on whatever they are doing. My friend just started an eight week program, she has not done anything exercise or healthy eating wise in a long time and this step for her is huge. Other friends are on a road to get fit so they can play better in their chosen sports, some are trying to lose a few pounds and others are toning up and getting better week on week at the dreaded burpees and learning just how beneficial training with weights are.

Training isn't easy and if you want to see results in your fitness and in your body changing shape, it's not going to be pretty. I love nothing more than being a sweaty betty or feeling like I can barely walk after a tough session. This is my reality. I know my face goes so weird, like almost twitches when I lift a really heavy barbell or when I am power cleaning 60kg. This is my reality. I just will never be the girl that feels comfortable being overtly sexual in my training moves. Why this sexualisation of athletic women has crept into society I just don't know, but I am blaming the bum.

For me I want to see people slogging it out, I want to see the struggle. I don't want to see the selfie of the abs or the well posed, well light, leg tilt, held in waist bum selfie. Life is real, people are real, so lets get real people. We are all different shapes and sizes and while the world right now wants us to have 32 DD breasts, a Nicki Minaj waist, Beyonce's bum and JLo's legs it just isn't possible for us all. If we could all just strive for the best body we can achieve in ourselves with a healthy diet and a good attitude to training then I think this would be such a positive step.

Perception is everything in this life so remember folks what's online and what's happening in real life are two very different things. Be accountable to yourself, set your goals, set your own standards and for gods sake love the body you're in!