27/07/2015 10:48 BST | Updated 26/07/2016 06:59 BST

What Does It Say on the Sheet?!!

Accountability is something we all feel on the daily, from work, friends, family and our partners, but what about being accountable to ourselves. This accountability is in fact one of the most important ones and yet we seldom would register it on the accountability scale. Just because I always like a challenge and hate staying in the same lane, I decided it was time for a shake up on my food and to bring a different challenge into my training.

On Monday of last week, I started a very controlled eating plan and brought three additional training sessions in a week. The training for me is thrilling and almost exciting; I love that part so there would be no resistance or even hesitation here. The change of eating would be one I would have to just go with and embrace fully and with no questioning. I printed off the plans on a sheet and now the sheet is literally with me at every turn. I along with my friend have been heard saying these past few days "What can we have?" "What does it say on the sheet?" "Where is the sheet- what day are we on?" oh it has been some laugh..... (If that's your kind of thing!)

It is now day seven and am over the hump and the cravings I once had for everything that simply is not on the sheet (even if you don't like it) you crave it -as its not on the sheet you see!

So why bother, why limit your life to a sheet? Well why not, why not see why it is you are not in the body you feel you should be or deserve. One thing the sheet has thought me, I definitely over eat, my over eating does not constitute the usual like sweets, crisps, sambos, burgers etc. I am a very healthy eater but perhaps my portions could be smaller you know! So this lesson from the sheet alone has really given me a wakeup call!

On Sunday, I attended a brilliant talk with Jo Ellison Style Editor with the Financial Times for the Galway Arts Festival - The Art of The Gown. Many items were discussed and of course model image and the responsibility of the fashion world to portray a positive body image to the world was raised and although this was not the answer Jo gave when discussing her view on it, it was a point she made earlier in the day about fashion and models looking beautiful and the shoot or the fashion item just simply "being pretty". I agree- fashion to me, buying a glossy magazine, looking at look books of next seasons lines are like looking at pieces of art. I appreciate the role of the model and I appreciate the beauty of the design and structure of the garment.

I was thinking about my 'sheet' and wondered are Kate, Candice and the gals following a sheet. They are incredibly hard workers, modelling is a tough. The body and the face is their business, whilst genetically the majority of internationally famous models have been blessed, they still must look after themselves in order to stay on that pedestal they find themselves on. But this is their business and I think like everything from being at the top of your game in business, sport and the arts, then you must work at your craft. Perhaps your physical attributes might not be as important being CEO of a commercial bank, but in order to get ahead and be at the top of your game, sacrifices must be made and this transcends across all aspects of life.

Beauty and happiness do not actually go hand in hand, one does not automatically equate to the other. There is after all a beauty that we all agree on- the beautiful people in Hollywood, the models and anyone who essentially graces the front cover of Sports illustrated Magazine! However personal standards and opinions on beauty vary.

Take last Friday after a gruelling Crossfit session, I headed to get washing detergent (rockstar lifestyle), I caught the eye of this older man we will say early 70s in the shop and then as I reversed my car- I realised that Don Juan was smiling and blowing me air kisses from his car. And to brag even further when I looked in my mirror I realised my mascara applied at 7am that morning was now resting casually under my eye and all over my cheeks. I thought well if Ralph* (made up name) there can see some beauty in a sweaty mess like me, there is hope for us all.

I'll be back with an update on the sheet and my progress.