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Freshers Expectations vs. Student Reality

Despite it being the summer, Freshers and the beginning of term will be upon us before we know it. There will be thousands of fresh-faced, nervous 18 year olds in the pool of trepidation which is first year. They will currently be dreaming of freedom and what university life in Plymouth (of all places) will be like.

Despite it being the summer, Freshers and the beginning of term will be upon us before we know it. There will be thousands of fresh-faced, nervous 18 year olds in the pool of trepidation which is first year. They will currently be dreaming of freedom and what university life in Plymouth (of all places) will be like.

However, all returning students will know that your pre-fresher dizziest day dreams are in fact a fallacy. So, without further a-do here are the top 9 Fresher expectations versus reality.

Self confessed disclaimer:Despite these hard truths, I wouldn't change Plymouth University or being a student for anything.

1) Your student loan



Your first student loan will leave you feeling 'loaded'. The next round of drinks are on you and that £250 (with 10% student discount of course) shopping spree will feel great as you think you have all the money in the world.



You will quickly realise that your loan really isn't a lot of money. The picture above will be you in November in the SU trying to buy the pint of the day for £1.60 (you don't even like lager).

2) Your student halls



For the amount you pay for your halls, you will have a vision of a comfortable, modern sanctuary with a cosy double bed and plenty of storage.



Your room will be a box. After the first week of freshers nights out, there will be pizza boxes, dirty underwear and general crap scattered around. Because it was such a dive to begin with, you won't care and it will remain like this until Christmas when your parents come and pick you up.

3) Campus architecture



Going to a UK university, we all expect it to look like this. ↑



Due to Plymouth University being an old Poly, there are a few buildings which are questionable. However, Sherwell, Roland Levinsky and Scott well make up for it.

4) Your deadlines



You will be super organised, do your work well before the deadline even approaches and leave plenty of time to meet with your tutor. You are paying £9000 a year after all, so you will want to do your best, regardless of what your coursemates and flatmates are doing.



Despite your best efforts, you will leave the majority of your coursework until the last two days and inevitably will be in the library for most of that time. You will become well accustomed to skim reading, quick typing and working on minimal sleep and maximum caffeine.

5) The opposite sex




You are now at university, so will expect everyone to be amazingly attractive. Late nights and tonnes of alcohol to not affect these sex-gods, obviously.



With pints starting at £1.60, discounts on takeaways and a lazy student lifestyle, the average student puts on a stone in the first year of university.

6) Your lectures



You are studying your dream course, and your lecturers are basically Einstein or Yeats. Every minute you spend in the lecture theatre, you can tell that you are just getting clever.



Some lecturers read off powerpoints, which you can get off the portal anyway. 80% of the time that you do turn up to the lecture you will be severely hungover or still drunk.

7) Freshers week



Everyone you meet is amazing. Every second is amazing. Freshers is just amazing.



You can't handle your alcohol so are home by 12.30am and thats if you make it past pre-drinks. You will be a mess and wake up with a half eaten donor kebab next to your bed, your face on your pillow and your wordly possessions spewed around your bedroom and will basically not remember anything. Let alone, the people you meet.

8) How you look



You are obviously going to be well turned out at every opportunity, you never know who you will see on campus.



Your first few weeks will be spent either in fancy dress or a onesie (or even better, your onesie will be your fancy dress).

9) Your flatmates



The people who are randomly selected to live with you are going to be your best friends for the rest of your life.



You will probably hate at least one of your flatmates and everyone you live with won't bother with the washing up and your kitchen will look like this at some point.

Despite these life-crushing reality hits, you will still love your first year and freshers will be a period of time to remember (if you can get past the tequila haze).

Madison Taylor

Originally published on The Knowledge.