We asked a psychotherapist to share tips on how to talk to children about violence reported in the media.
Gunman Jake Davison and five other individuals died in the Keyham area on Thursday evening.
A 50-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.
In Plymouth, the top and bottom half of a "young powerful woman" is being built. 'The Messenger' will be the largest bronze cast statue in the UK.
Go for an event, stay for the weekend.
'I think you ought to leave, you know'. He did.
In what appears to be a Question Time first, an audience member was kicked off the programme by presenter David Dimbleby
One of them came down to just 500 votes last time.
More than 1,500 postal votes have gone missing in Plymouth, which includes the most marginal seat in the region. The Tories
She's given a masterclass in not answering the question.