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Is Donald Trump Actually 'Trolling' Everyone On Twitter?

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Before and after Donald Trump's election, his tweets have caused controversy; they are regarded as inappropriate for a US President and generally a politician. Now twitter allegedly won't hesitate to ban Trump's account if he goes it too far with his views.

My initial conclusion about the issue is that Trump has a lot to learn so as to be a broadly acceptable politician. At the moment, I justify him, because since he just won the elections he needs time to adjust to his new role. The real judgement will start from the time that he continues acting in this manner after several months in the Presidency. He doesn't have the obligation to be like every other President, but there are certain behaviours that are linked with the position and Trump currently diverges from them. If Trump sticks to his own opinions and follows an uncommon, for a US President, strategy, as far as his public image is concerned, then this might be a risk for him.

If the new White House resident won't choose the regular path, he might end up being remembered as one of the most eccentric politicians. This is not necessarily bad, but It seems to me that he has a subjective perception for the world's issues. He has his own point of view which at first glance is dissimilar with the one that a US President should have. Trump speaks as if he is talking to his friends. He hasn't realised that he represents billions of people, who count on him in order to make their lives better and gain hope that the future can be brighter. The US President is influential and should be a role-model. Trump, though, behaves in a way that questions his ability to form a more prosperous society, consisted of ethical individuals.

The blond billionaire looks unable to understand the people who live lives he hasn't experienced, mostly the poor ones. Trump has never lacked basic needs such as food, water, clothes or money. He has superlatively everything. Therefore, right now he appears not to be able to feel the hardships of the distressful, disadvantaged and vulnerable communities; he doesn't commiserate with the global ill-starred facts. The 70-year-old Republican has thrived in luxury and wealth and real predicaments, such as struggling to survive or being in danger of losing important goods or people, don't often touch him.

There is a hopeful fact yet: Trump won't be alone in the Presidency. He will have counselors who possibly can handle sensitive issues better than him and these counselors may advise him on how to properly deal with these issues. It is obvious that Trump needs time and above all lessons of how to act as President. If he wants to be successful he must abide some formal and informal rules that fit with the communication code of a US President. Otherwise, he might put at risk his position. He deserves to have the patience of the public. However, if he goes it too far with his edgy opinions and actions, then things could depart from the passable way for him.

On the other hand, Trump might purposely be far-flung from the usual attitudes, in order to create impressions that will make him even more popular. Of course, no wise man prefers popularity than being regarded as a worthy leader, but there could be a specific purpose Trump pursues that. If this is the case and Trump intends to benefit the masses, then he is much smarter than everybody thinks and he is actually "trolling" everyone relishing discreetly this situation.

I read a quote of his that amplifies this thought: "There's always opposition when you do something big. I do many things that are controversial. When people see it, they love it!" These words could mean that Trump is fully aware of what he articulates and he actually intends to be controversial so as to draw the attention of the crowds! As words don't define works, this could be a hope that he does have the capacity to be successful as the US President. Nevertheless, the indications show that he will likely be very unpredictable in his duties.

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