29/01/2014 10:09 GMT | Updated 30/03/2014 06:59 BST

How to Transform Stress Into Effortless Living

Is effortless living even possible? And if so how can you transform your stress into effortless living?


When I talk about effortlessness, I am really using it to describe FLOW. Have you been in situations where your life has felt in flow? Where you have wanted to create something for yourself and suddenly it shows up? Or you ask a question and its answered in an unexpected form? As a person or as a conversation?

This is what I mean by effortless living. It doesn't consist in NOT showing up, in NOT doing anything, in NOT taking action - it involves planting the seed without attachment to the outcome and allow for the way to be shown to you, or for the answer to come without pushing or driving it.

Last year I gave a TEDEX talk that I participated in last year is really testimony that transforming stress into effortless living - that its possible to create what you want for yourself when you are aligned and let life unfold.....

To watch the tedex talk click here

I don't say this to brag, but it when we are not attached the outcome and dare to dream, magical things happen and all the things that you have wanted can show up in your reality.

Have you not ever experienced moments where you feel that things are really going your way? That you are invincible? Money flows to you, opportunities show up out of nowhere? You be-friend people who you never thought was possible?

Well this is effortless living.....allowing for awesome situations and people to show up in your life.

My experience has lead me to really understand that if we can deepen our understanding of how life truly does work as nature intended and we STOP seeing through the illusive nature of our thoughts, peace and effortless results IS possible.

But only if we believe it to be true....

To watch the tedex talk click here