Mathews Phosa: 'Still Time To Remove The President And Deport Saxonwold Scum'

The unstable political environment has a massive influence on our economy, there is still time to turn this around.
Mathews Phosa.
Mathews Phosa.
Leon Sadiki/ City Press/ Gallo Images

The unstable political environment has a massive influence on our economy. We have a so-called president who is described by some of his friends as "a gangster like us". We have a mismanaged economy, largely because of rampant corruption, criminal neglect of our state-owned enterprises and critical state agencies such as SARS and the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) seemingly captured.

On top of this, we have a group of illegal immigrants, forming a second state wherein they influence tenders, Cabinet appointments, and other deployments. They are best described as thieves and thugs with absolutely no interest in the growth of our economy nor our country's reputation.

Mix into this the contestation for positions of the ANC's elective conference at the end of the year and you begin to understand why investors are looking at better homes for wealth creation than South Africa. Our debt is more than 50 percent of GDP, while predictions for economic growth are extremely low.

We have 27,7 percent unemployment which will accelerate if current economic circumstances prevail, and maybe worsen. We have beautiful policies with a dire scarcity of execution by the state. We waste precious time debating economic cul de sacs such as nuclear power. Believe me, that initiative is far from shelved.

The corrupt president appoints unheard-of "leaders" in the ANC into key economic positions. Leaders, some of them part of the December contestation, kept silent for years while the economy was being destroyed right in front of them. We barely whisper when the so-called president removes from his Cabinet established and widely recognised leaders of the alliance.

We should, within three months, dramatically deregulate small business. We should walk away from suicidal initiatives such as nuclear energy. We should promptly deport all corrupt thugs and thieves who form the second state. We should interact with all the major South African companies who are looking elsewhere and incentivise them as much as we can.

The time for a multi-party conference with business and others to honestly re-engineer our failing economic policies, and particularly their execution, is now.

We should change the top structures of both the NPA and SARS and replace them with career bureaucrats and businessmen or women with no political affiliations. We are moving dangerously close to a situation where we will face tax revolt by the masses if the cold, calculated and criminal misuse of taxpayers' money increases.

The time for a multiparty conference with business and others to honestly re-engineer our failing economic policies, and particularly their execution, is now.

A few concluding remarks:

  • We still have time and opportunity to remove the president.
  • We still have time to prosecute those who destroyed our economy.
  • We still have time to deport the Saxonwold scum.
  • We still have time to prepare for a coalition government in 2019.
  • We still have time to reposition our economy.
  • We still have time to depoliticise key government departments and state-owned enterprises.
  • What we do not have time for is time-wasting debates on how to create employment for the millions of dissatisfied and socially angry voters who are cold, hungry and sick and tired of empty promises and "leaders" living in sickening wealth, stolen from well-meaning and patriotic taxpayers.

There are those of us who took part in this contestation for December with the single motivation being to verbalise those deeply felt concerns of honest taxpayers and young people, white and black, who are revolted by the consumerist, rent-seeking failures who call themselves leaders.

I, for one, will continue my crusade well beyond the December conference to ensure that those who believe South Africa should be a better place for themselves only, are replaced by those who really believe South Africa's leaders should create a better life for ALL.