2019%e2 coronavirus outbreak

Abortion rules have been relaxed so women can take pills at home. Here's the latest.
Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock have Covid-19, and 759 people in the UK have now died after testing positive. Here's the latest.
Pictures of crammed tubes despite tougher social distancing measures have caused widespread concern about the spread of coronavirus.
As the UK battles to contain the coronavirus outbreak, the office space provider continues to charge clients full rates – and is proving difficult to contact.
Once the emergency legislation has been completed, the Commons and Lords will rise for recess.
It is not thought Seb Corbyn has come into contact with his father since becoming ill.
The prime minister has announced new UK-wide measures designed to fight the coronavirus pandemic.
Boris Johnson escalates measures to prevent people gathering as the UK death toll hit 177.
More than 100 people in the UK have now died after testing positive, and schools will close. Here's the latest on the Covid-19 pandemic.