Five celebrities remain in the contest – have you worked out their identities yet?
The president tweeted a cartoon which bears a striking resemblance to the '80s hit music video "Take On Me" by A-ha.
Remember when all those little leather strings around your wrist were a thing, courtesy of Morten Harket and his a-Ha comrades
There is music which crosses your path, and totally changes the direction you take. Maybe it was playing at the moment you took a certain fork in the road, like a soundtrack to your life, or maybe they were the motivation for the decision. I have ten such songs.
For A-Ha fans, it's all over. The Norwegian trio have packed away their instruments, softened their cheekbones and gone back
Admit it - when you woke up this morning, you weren't expecting to see five accordion players from North Korea playing their
a-ha, Norway's most famous and enduringly popular pop band, will reunite on 21 August to take part in a concert, part of