“It’s difficult for people, I know it’s disappointing, it’s frustrating for them and I apologise ”, Theresa May stated recently
300,000 patients waited too long for emergency care in December.
Even the milkman and those of us who love our beds are likely to be awake at midnight on New Year’s Eve to see in the start
All I know, is that when nurses are protesting - I will join them. Both as a patient and a nurse.
Cash will tackle waiting times, cyber security and cancer treatment.
Labour will put £37bn extra into the NHS by the end of the next Parliament if it wins the election, tackling waiting times
'Thanks for delaying emergency patient care & endangering lives'.
One person shared a shot of what appeared to be a threat demanding payment on the screen of NHS computer. Another said the
'The rise in long trolley waits is particularly worrying.'
Accident and emergency patients in England experienced the worst month of delays this winter in the 13 years since the four