alex cunningham

According to the latest European Food Standards Agency report (2010), lead from game meat represents less than 0.1% of the total dietary lead exposure. Compare this to cereals and potatoes which come in at over 40%. In fact, the average person gains more than 60 times more lead from beer than game meat.
The UK has a long, proud history of supporting the most vulnerable children. During the Second World War we accepted 10,000 kindertransport children fleeing Nazi persecution. Let us honour this proud history and not turn our backs on the most vulnerable children in Europe today.
Joey Barton, a footballer probably not as heavily schooled in political correctness as actual politicians, has apologised over his UKIP 'four ugly girls' comment made on Question Time. Talking about UKIP's European election victory he said, 'So if I am somewhere and there were four really ugly girls, I'm thinking, 'Well, she's not the worst', because that is all you are, that is all you are to us.'
Adults choose to smoke, but children are trapped in the confines of a car with no choice over the fumes they inhale. While we legislate to protect adults both at work and at leisure, we fail to protect children in one of the situations in which they are exposed to unacceptably dense concentrations of second-hand smoke.