The Duke of Sussex spent time in a de-mining field outside Dirico, Angola, with the HALO Trust, which has worked to clear Angola of mines following its civil war. In 1997, his mother Diana, Princess of Wales, had also donned protective gear as she visited another area with the charity. Prince Harry is on a 10-day, multi-country trip tour of Africa along with the Duchess of Sussex and their child Archie.
The Duke of Sussex has given his backing to a £47 million landmine-clearing initiative to help rid Angola of the deadly military munitions. It is a cause championed by his mother Diana, Princess of Wales when she visited Angola and walked through the minefields in 1997.
According to Forbes research, her father transferred stakes in several Angolan companies to her while he was president.
Could this be the "economic miracle" Angolan President Joao Lourenco promised?
SAA says Angola is one of four African countries that owe SAA R1billion in unpaid air ticket fees.
Because President Jacob Zuma is focused on settling political scores and the country's leaders on who will succeed him, says a risk analyst.
The leaders of Africa have sorely struggled to secure socio-economic security for all for more than five decades.
I recently returned from a trip to visit rural villages in Angola to look at the impact that Unicef's sanitation partnership with Andrex is having on children and families there. It's incredible to think that seven out of ten people living in rural Angola do not have a clean, safe toilet to use. This has a huge impact on the health of Angola's children and one of the reasons the country has the highest rate of child mortality in the world.
Our political leaders won't act unless public pressure forces them to do so and the trade in blood diamonds will continue unchecked and unseen. Consumers, especially those in the fashion, film and media industry who are used to promote the industry, must questions the ethical provenance of the jewellery they wear and not allow the industry to fob them off with bogus claims that diamonds are ethically sourced and conflict-free.
When you go up against the big guns of any state, you know they will throw everything at you. Even when they tell you that you have won, you shouldn't believe a word they say. Investigative journalist Rafael Marques de Morais has learned this hard lesson in the last few days.
Angolan diplomats in the United States have denied reports the government has banned Islam and begun demolishing mosques
Prosecutors are to reconsider a decision not to bring criminal charges in the case of Jimmy Mubenga after an inquest jury
An Angolan man died after being restrained by G4S security guards as he was being deported, an inquest has heard. Jimmy Mubenga
A man who died after plummeting from the undercarriage of a plane flying over London had a "desire to travel to Europe for
Informal music production in Luanda operates in a fascinating alternative market; from kuduro to hiphop, young artists have found a way around costly, high-end commercial music production, and instead produce tracks in makeshift studios, record them onto blank CDs, print them themselves, and distribute the material through the city's candongeuiro network and market places.
“On a strict reading of the law,” Simon Mann admits, weighing up the rights and wrongs of staging a coups d'état, “we were