I've been nothing short of humbled by the courage and determination of those I work with to go through the long process of trying to regain their sense of smell.
Anosmia has been recognised as a symptom of coronavirus in Britain more than a month after the US.
Deputy chief medical officer Jonathan Van-Tam says anosmia is being added to the "official" list of symptoms alongside cough and fever.
The main coronavirus symptoms we've been told to look out for are a new, continuous cough and a fever. But there could be a silent but widespread symptom which has yet to be included in official public health guidelines. Growing numbers of people are reporting that they have either partially or completely lost their sense of smell. With clinicians experiencing a sharp rise in enquiries from people said to be suffering from the symptom. But is smell loss a symptom of Covid-19? And should it be added to the official symptom list? We speak to experts Professor Carl Philpott and Professor Claire Hopkins to find out.
Growing evidence has linked anosmia to Covid-19, but it's yet to be listed as a symptom by the NHS.
Experts suggest you’re more likely to feel depressed if you can't smell, according to a new study published this week. Being