Antimicrobial resistance

From Ian Beale becoming a climate activist to Black Mirror episodes about antibiotic resistance, here's how to talk about the environment without spoiling your night on the sofa.
Hospital given red warning of elevated infection risk after outbreak of superbug
New guidelines aim to reduce the problem of antibiotic resistance.
Why TB is included in the AMR review is clear: over the last few decades TB has been quietly transforming itself into new strains of drug resistant TB (DR-TB). DR-TB causes an astounding 500 deaths a day and can't be cured with normal TB drugs.
The BRICs should set their local industries the challenge of coming up with the drugs and diagnostics that their citizens need. While the original vision for the BRIC countries in 2001 is on its way to becoming a reality, there is still so much potential to tap. The issue of AMR is one area amongst many, where these nations can lead the world. We hope they take this opportunity.
Antibiotics could soon become ineffective, making conditions harder to treat and minor ailments potentially fatal, the head