Ashley Cole

A Virgin Atlantic employee has resigned amid allegations she passed on the flight details of eight celebrities to a paparazzi
Hell hath no fury like a Geordie woman scorned - just ask Simon Cowell. And Cheryl Cole is to sensationally hit out at another
It's a saddening indictment of the state of football today that someone who could've been a new 'Special One' was never given the chance to shine at Stamford Bridge.
Ashley Cole may be set to depart Chelsea this summer after Roman Abramovich voiced his unhappiness at the left-back's criticism
Cheryl Cole has turned to her cheating ex-husband Ashley Cole for help and it has emerged the couple are "talking or texting
The showbiz world recoiled in horror last night when Cheryl Cole tweeted an ambiguous message about a relationship that kept
One Direction stars Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are reportedly planning to pool their resources to buy Ashley Cole's
Oh no Holly what are you doing? Have Cheryl and Ashley Cole taught you nothing? Holly Valance has unleashed her wild side
A good celebrity sex scandal can launch a career (stand up Paris Hilton) or simply ruin one (sit down Angus Deayton), either
Ashley Cole has long lived the life of a screen star, with his limousines, eye-catching outfits and array of pretty ladies