Dancing in front of the mirror, or lounging in the living room smoking a cigarette, nothing seems to set these women apart
So what is left now for the preservation of Beirut's aged and low-slung buildings, remainders of a romantic past?
As you drive down the main road that leads to Hamra, a district of West Beirut, you will notice, if you're observant enough, beyond the shrub covered walls of the Armenian institute, Haigazian University, that a white needle nosed rocket points towards the sky, or the stars, dependant on how romantic you wish to be.
I was lucky enough to spend just over 48 hours in Beirut, and I already know I'll be back. The city has a late-night partying culture, so you may spend most mornings here recovering from the night before.
No matter if it is an Arab or Israeli death, the despair is no different. Ask an Arab mother or an Israeli father- What was it like to lose your son? What was it like to lose your daughter?
Clashes in Lebanon's capital Beirut and the northern city of Tripoli have left seven people dead and dozens more injured
Lebanese soldiers have fired bullets in the air and launched tear-gas at mourners attending the funeral of a murdered intelligence
This afternoon a huge bomb blast ripped through a residential street in the predominantly Christian area of Achrafieh in eastern Beirut. I was sitting in my Beirut office, not 1km away, writing an exciting article about how video streaming can boost the work of NGOs, when everything shook.
Eight people have reportedly been killed and 78 injured in Beirut after a rush hour huge car bomb rocked the Lebanese capital
The formula in Lebanon's capital for women is fashion-forward, from their choice of cloth to the decisions they make surgically... Beirut has now overtaken both LA and Miami as the plastic surgery capital of the world. Yes, Beirut.