'The public is paying more for a probation service which is failing to deliver.'
Private firms who have presided over an explosion in violent reoffending have been handed millions of pounds of extra cash
The unexplained increase in the number of Muslims in prison is a “worrying” trend and potential source of “social division
A toddler has been injured after a sniffer dog “went crazy” and attacked her while she was visiting a relative at a high
Just over seven months ago, activist, human rights champion and former Guantanamo detainee Moazzam Begg was arrested, arrested on the basis that during a trip to Syria he had facilitated terrorism (or so they said). Now two seasons later and just as his trial was set to begin he's been released with all charges levelled against him dropped.
Radical cleric Abu Qatada will find out on Monday if he will to be deported to Jordan to face trial. Qatada is fighting extradition
An underworld gang leader who built up a multi-million pound drug empire has been reduced to moaning about the cost of a