benefit cuts

The government's welfare reforms will take almost £19 billion a year out of the UK economy and hit the poorest communities
Ed Miliband has attacked George Osborne for linking the case of child killer Mick Philpott to reforming the benefits system
David Cameron has stepped up clashes with Labour by insisting the case of child killer Mick Philpott did raise "wider questions
As our television screens and newspapers were filled this week with endless images of Kim Jong-un and Mick Philpott, I wasn't worrying about threats posed by North Korea or narcissistic killers. I was wishing more people read Theodor Adorno.
George Osborne has been engulfed in a PR disaster after his car was caught parked in a disabled parking space. On Friday
Mr Osborne is so busy shouting "you're wrong!" at his naysayers, he can't actually hear what they're saying.
There is a real danger we make it impossible for disabled people to be part of the community. The Paralympics effect was about making disabled people more visible. The crisis in social care for disabled people - to mis-use Lord Coe's quote - could mean we simply never see disabled people again.
The current administration are wide-open to charges of callousness, misrepresenting salient facts about poverty and an abject failure, indeed refusal, to listen to any source - however well-informed - that doesn't unswervingly endorse their chosen path
A group of leading churches has branded the Government's cuts to benefits as "unjust", saying the most vulnerable people
Coalition tax and benefit changes have left families nearly £900 a year worse off on average, Labour said as it stepped up