A little girl in Seattle has nurtured a beautiful relationship with crows in her garden. Gabi Mann, 8, feeds the birds and
Never let it be said that Matthew McConaughey parrots his lines. Because it's more a case of the other way around. Yes, hello
"This bird makes a sound just like a laser gun from a sci-fi movie." "Liar!" "That's right, it is a lyre." *laughs forever
Walking during the autumn is like nothing else. In your local woodland (mine being 'my' National Trust Llanerchaeron woods in Ceredigion), wood smoke mixes with the leaves to create that beautiful, familiar scent that should be bottled. It's cooler than summer, but not cold.
On bullies and birds It occurred to me as I watched the might magpie swat the tiny blue tit off the birdfeeder this morning
With wings spanning 24ft, it was the original Big Bird - the largest feathered creature that ever took to the air. Pelagornis
Seriously. We could watch this delightful daftness on loop. Altogether now: "Da-da dada dada da da..." SEE ALSO: Two Parrots
At this time of year the birds are busy building and rebuilding their nests, rearing their young and are generally ravenous and noisy. Eastern philosophy teaches that it is important to provide food for the birds as a way of paying homage to the gods.
It's the pop hit that took the world by storm in 1993 - and that includes the animal kingdom. (Although it's possibly more
It's National Pet Month! And being a lover of all things animal-related at HuffPost UK Comedy, we thought it only right that