Black Culture

Music of Black origin’s impact on British culture and its history is discussed in this episode of ‘Black Voices HuffPost UK’. Host Yinka Bokinni is joined by MC Rodney P, singer/songwriter Kwabs and Arike Oke from the Black Cultural Archives. ‘Black Voices HuffPost UK’ is a conversation about race, society and change in contemporary Britain and beyond.
The media mogul’s cultural legacy is being celebrated by the premier museum in the U.S. in a year-long exhibition.
San Francisco's Grace Cathedral is using Beyoncé's music to highlight black female spirituality.
Amandla Stenberg has given an impassioned and succinct lesson to the world on cultural appropriation. The 'Hunger Games' actress
It gets trickier when you're offended by racism aimed at others, especially those who aren't there. Bigots will gladly spew all manner of idiocy when they feel safe that there aren't any of their victims around to hear them.
How pathetic was I to feel so excited by seeing a young black man, whom I don't even know, on a high brow news programme? How depressing that in 2014 it's still a big deal; that we take to twitter to scream "there's a black person on", something our parents were doing 30 or 40 years ago. Why are we still doing it today?
Black History Month, an event that was established 26 years ago to educate young people on black heritage and celebrate the best of African and Caribbean culture has become an embarrassing, tokenistic and insulting mess.
Beyond the obvious, there was something deeply troubling about David Starkey's appearance on Newsnight on Friday.