bloody sunday

13 innocent civil rights demonstrators were killed.
'He was propelled into the headlines because of Bloody Sunday.'
Dr Edward Daly, the former Bishop of Derry who was best known for his role in an iconic image of Bloody Sunday, has died
A Sinn Féin MP who has campaigned alongside Jeremy Corbyn has labelled the British government “murderers” ahead of MPs voting
Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams has been accused of stoking tensions between the UK and Ireland by referring to the IRA murder
Historical events linger across generations with sometimes lethal consequences but dispassionate revisionism with new insights, facts and reflections - good history in short - can scotch potent myths and consign running sores to the past, as has been the case with troubled Anglo-Irish relations, and could be for Kurdistan.
Gregory Burke believes his film ’71’ set among the Troubles of Northern Ireland will come as a shock to British people, who’ve
Members of an elite British Army unit have admitted breaking the law by killing unarmed men during the Troubles. A BBC Panorama
Police are to open a murder inquiry into the Bloody Sunday killings 40 years ago in Northern Ireland. The probe has not started