Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Sex is supposed to make your body feel good. But when you don’t feel good in your body, sex can be deeply uncomfortable and triggering.
"It doesn’t just happen to women, it happens to men all the time."
Exhibition explores condition that affects 2 per cent of population.
Those pretty flower crown filters could have an ugly side.
So why has this obsession with 'gyming' grown? In my opinion, contrary to the common belief that it stems from trying to emulate the physique of aspirational celebrities, it more often begins with the simple need to fit in with one's peers.
bmm banner.jpgI do remember at the time that anorexia and bulimia were well covered, almost clichéd topics in the press. But always, always, the concern was for women. Boys just didn't have these problems. My parents never noticed; they haven't since. I don't expect they ever will.
Worldwide, one in four of us may be diagnosed with mental health conditions but that doesn't account for how many people are undiagnosed. It doesn't account for how many people feel alone and isolated because of difficulties they're grappling with and they feel like they are the only ones. They're not. None of us need be alone if we are honest and comedy is the most honest art form we have - comedy is the truth wrapped in a lie.
The potential for psychological fall-out after experiencing sudden alterations in physical appearance are well documented in the cases of burns victims, amputees, and even people undergoing drastic weight loss surgery. The reactions of people with eating disorders are rarely legitimised in the same way because their self-image was apparently already broken prior to this new alteration.
There's a lot of stigma against mental illness, which only makes living with mental illness even more difficult. It brings feelings of shame, embarrassment and guilt about how your mental health is controlling your life and yet everybody else in your world seems to be taking the reigns of their own lives just fine.