border force

Sajid Javid has said a “major incident” is unfolding in waters off the south coast of England.
Caroline Nokes' visit to Dover comes after Home Secretary declared the migrant crisis a ‘major incident’.
Critics say it's 'risking this country’s security on the cheap'.
A Border Force agent has been arrested by police investigating a crime ring suspected of smuggling drugs and firearms into
Issues around border controls linked to terrorism, 'traditional' criminality, migration, immigration, national security and even queueing times should, as far as is possible, be in the public domain especially around election time. Delaying or redacting reports other than in extreme circumstance where there is a real risk to national security, is cheating the electorate. It's as simple as that.
Doubtless both the 'Remainers and Brexiteers' will ignore the very real issues stated above while, if asked to comment, the Home Office will produce its usual bland spin along the lines of; 'the Home Office is committed to strong borders and we are confident we have the resources to cope with all eventualities post Brexit.'
Officers spoke to passengers on four flights today. But as school break up thousands of flights are leaving this country and with them thousands of girls some of whom are at vulnerable age and headed to countries of high risk.