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A number of Facebook pages belonging to far-right groups, including Britain First, are being investigated for possible copyright
A British neo-Nazi group that lauded the murderer of MP Jo Cox is to be outlawed in an unprecedented move in the UK. An order
The BBC has reminded staff on its flagship Question Time programme of the need to be impartial at work and on social media
Post Brexit and in the Trump era, it is more important than ever that the authorities take steps to tackle the growing threat of Britain's far-right movement and dismantle their networks. There are already reports that the Far-right extremists in Germany are joining forces with like-minded groups across Europe and even the United States as they prepare to carry out more attacks on our streets.
A senior member of neo-Nazi group National Action may face charges with two separate investigations underway after he called
Terrorists such as Jo Cox’s murderer Thomas Mair are virtually impossible to detect and stop, an expert has warned, as Far
A proposed pro-Brexit march of 100,000 people on the Supreme Court which was reportedly to be led by Nigel Farage will not
The murder of MP Jo Cox was carried out in the name of white supremacy, the trial judge has said when sentencing her killer
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