The future of the NHS is on a knife edge. Cuts to hospital, community and mental health services, coupled with record patient
“After moving down to London, I spent the first three months in an very edgy state and my spending was out of control. When feeling particularly panicked about work one day, I spent £160 of my overdraft on this hideous tan leather jacket with leopard print and bright pink lining from one of the weird leather shops in Camden.”
“After moving down to London, I spent the first three months in an very edgy state and my spending was out of control. When
I prioritised my health first and left my career before it took my health. I feel lucky I was in a position where I didn't have to leave it come to that, however, many of my colleagues have been less fortunate, and sadly these latest government promises are too little too late. I can't speak for the other 5,046 nurses who've left our profession this year, but sadly I won't be enticed back. The government will have to prove they truly understand the consequences of the last six years before I consider putting my health, my happiness and my family's happiness at risk again.
I walked into our Mayfair office with a mix of dread and excitement. On one hand, I had missed everyone terribly and I had also missed being productive and feeling useful and important but on the other hand I had been out of the game for a long time so I felt slow, dumb and inadequate.
Most of us fail to put our own needs first. We spend most of our day running after others, our families and our careers, leaving
Hearing that you need to take more time off when you're ill can be frustrating when you have bills to pay and a family to feed, but learning how to look after yourself and slowdown could prevent a devastating burnout.
So with three weeks before the return to the real world, I have time for a bit of re-orientation and value reassessment. But also for a little bit of self-love and not too much self-beating for having tripped on the same stone twice. I just found another random iPhone note which has given me me the positive push I needed: "Life is full of strange reciprocity: the circumstances we cause in time give rise to us".
"IT'S THE FOURTH FLOOR!!!" - I shouted excitedly down the intercom to the delivery driver that was bringing my magnetic helmet. There was even a little bit of a dance while the young man travelled up in the lift.
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So, inspired by my previous incarnation, I gave myself a goal: I would follow Dr #3's plan to the letter (pat on the head optional) with the aim of being well enough to last through my entire wedding party at the end of May. Nothing more, nothing less.
Three months into the burnout journey and the reality of the situation had finally set in: my hemiplegic migraine condition had become "persistent" meaning that attacks were (and still are as I write) happening every single day. I had to accept that my daily life was just not going to be the same no matter how hard I tried to pretend that it was all just a little blip.
Through January I tried to do the odd day of work here and there, clinging onto normality as much as I possibly could by setting up shop in my living room and dialling into meetings. The thought of not being able to work absolutely terrorised me. So much of who I was (and am!) was linked to my work persona. All of a sudden I didn't have a clue who I was.
It was a normal Wednesday for me: a 6.30am start to make sure I was in a cab doing the first call of the day by 7am followed by back-to-back meetings until well into the evening. And I am by no means one of these amazingly inspirational, successful and accomplished women.
Living with M.E has taught me an important lesson about agency and self-ownership. In an age where tangible goals seem increasingly elusive, it's no surprise so-called 'millennials' are focussing their energy on achieving balance, purpose and freedom in life and work.
To an extent this was true, although the music festivals now tend to be of the kid friendly variety, as do the restaurants and the holidays. I am happy about the changes but I would lie if I said it was an easy transition into parenthood. It is more like a seismic overnight shift.
It is no surprise that student mental health is something which needs to be taken extremely seriously- it affects not only their mental well-being but also their learning, resulting in drop-outs and failed assignments. Negative mental health is unfortunately very common and concerning in university students- as recent studies reveal that over 1 in 10 students have suicidal thoughts.
Rituals can be found at the very foundations of every ancient culture, yet their significance today is often overlooked. Human beings naturally gravitate toward rituals. For example, the way we comb or brush our hair, the route we take to work or the things we do when we prepare for a big competition, presentation or meeting.
Overwhelming stress, anxiety and the effects of depression are taking their toll on people from all walks of life. All of us can "burn out" regardless of social or economic status but there is no doubt that financial concerns can place enormous additional strain on those already struggling to juggle the day-to-day pressures of everyday modern life.
My personal story with burnout left me living life on a constant knife's edge of anxiety. As if every day of my life had been an abyss of poor choices, and self-loathing. The daily fear battle I was fighting around the impact have on my future was real.