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Until the party are able to present to the electorate a coherent, attractive and gaffe-free plan, they are in serious danger of returning to the political wilderness. The current landscape is being shaped almost solely by an ascendant Conservative Party, leaving Nuttall with a lot of work to do if he is to stop his party from descending into irrelevance.
It will be fascinating to see how this by-election plays out, especially in light of a UKIP campaign that seems to be struggling to shake off substantive allegations of its leader and candidate, Paul Nuttall, lying about Hillsborough. It has been a truly dirty campaign of nastiness, desperation and anger on both sides, and as with any by-election the level of turnout will be crucial to the result.
I will be campaigning to be selected Labour candidate for Stoke Central to advocate for our NHS in Stoke and that the NHS crisis not be swept under the carpet and inaction continue. Our campaign will deliver a key message that Labour is here to fight, Labour is listening and Labour cares and will take positive action. That is the defining difference.
Huge swathes of the Tory party would take joy in calling you that, and they certainly celebrated the Brexit result as a victory over people like you. Post-Cameron you can be assured that this isn't going to change any time soon. The Richmond Park by-election showed why this could be a problem for my party, and I'm kind of glad it did.
It's a two-horse race between Zac Goldsmith and Sarah Olney.
Read more on The Huffington Post At the last General Election, Goldsmith, who is thought to be the second richest member
Last week, three Labour MPs did something that takes courage. In calling for Labour to stand aside in Richmond Park, they
The current crisis in the party aside, I would urge the next MP for Batley and Spen to remain neutral in the crisis. The job should be to represent constituents, hold the government to account and ignore anything else. In my view Jo Cox's memory cannot be remembered as it should be if her successor is immediately drawn into battle for the leadership.
The Labour Party has selected Jim McMahon as its candidate for the Oldham West and Royton by-election following the death
Some in the party have jokingly called me a 'UKIP buster'. I don't claim such a title, but I understand that I am only as good as our shared values and the strength of our campaign on the ground. In me you find an honest hardworking Labour campaigner. A safe pair of hands, but a pair of hands willing to muck in and win with every bit of strength I have in my body.