The governments in Europe can and should be expected to keep a watchful eye on new and potentially harmful substances and take legislative action if necessary. But they should also be careful to avoid inadvertently provoking the creation of an even more dangerous marketplace for 'designer drugs'.
Judo fighter Nicholas Delpopolo has tainted the US team image after he tested positive for cannabis. However, he claimed
The film industry has had a torrid time over the last few years: Illegal downloads, the advent of home cinema, YouTube; they've all contributed to the waning affluence of the silver screen. Add to this mix the fact that documentaries are known financial quagmires, and you have depressive mix for any aspiring film maker.
Teens are forgoing drink, drugs and smoking for more wholesome pursuits and healthier lifestyles, new research suggests. But
Is it not possible that many families would find it easier to confront the problems of drug abuse and be more likely to obtain medical help, if there wasn't the taboo associated with criminalising these substances?
A 21-year-old woman from Zlin in the Czech Republic, high on super strength cannabis, was photographed climbing a 40ft electricity
Thousands of people have marked the summer solstice despite the celebration being one of the wettest in years. Poor weather
LIVE Discussion Tonight The government's former chief drugs adviser Professor David Nutt has claimed that legalising or decriminalising
A "dangerous" lack of awareness about smoking cannabis could be putting millions of people at risk, a leading charity warned
There's an inherent danger in any sector of education: if the teachings fail to measure up to the truth, then we'll be paving the way for a deep distrust and a greater apathy. With this in mind, it is of tremendous enthusiasm that we welcome Professor Nutt's book: Drugs - Without the Hot Air: Minimising the Harms of Legal and Illegal Drugs.
A major study into the effect of cannabis consumption on multiple sclerosis (MS) patients has concluded the drug makes no
A teenager who laced chocolate brownies he made in a home economics lesson with cannabis has been expelled after the prank
As a drug policy pedant, it was with great interest that I noted BBC Three's Free Speech were to address the drugs debate - the discourse had raged on Free Speech's social media and blogs for a few weeks prior to the show.
Cannabis farmers steal around £200 million of electricity every year to grow their illegal crops, according to figures out
A senior Green Party councillor is facing calls to resign after making a "highly offensive" remark about "raping and looting
More than 20 cannabis farms and factories were discovered by police every day last year as they seized drugs which could
Russell Brand speaks sense. It's important that people recognise this, because it would be so easy to dismiss him. He's a comedian, therefore he masks a lot of his own serious emotions and insecurities in self-ridicule and jokes.
Dear Winston Matthews, Words simply cannot express how I felt when I learned of your incarceration.
Over the past couple of weeks I have visited Occupy's Finsbury Square camp several times and each time have returned home disappointed with the pictures and the interviews.
Campaigners for the legalisation of cannabis in New Zealand have filled a vending machine with the illegal drug in a stunt