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We cannot underestimate the impact mandatory ID checks will have on our democracy, Labour MP Cat Smith writes.
It is impossible to overstate the consequences of cuts to services for our young people. The Tories have betrayed a generation, Cat Smith MP writes.
Lib Dem-led letter to PM warns development of a new fossil fuel industry of any kind is "unacceptable".
Labour ridicules Adam Smith Institute over 'partying' tax cut
A right-wing think tank has faced ridicule after suggesting the Tories will win back the youth vote from Jeremy Corbyn - by
With our message of hope for young people we are giving people clear reasons to register to vote before tonight's midnight deadline and to vote Labour on 8 June. Please spread the word on social media now about how people can register to vote and then spread the word about why Labour will give Britain's young people back control over their futures.
Former Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie earned boos and catcalls from the Question Time audience after suggesting people are “not
The instruction of the whip was to abstain, and I'm still yet to hear a strong argument as to why that would have been the right way to vote. One of the arguments put to me by a whip was we would be voting against at third reading, so it was ok to abstain at second reading last night. If we opposed the bill then why not simply vote against it? For me Labour stands with the many who work hard in work, out of work, and in their own businesses to ensure that they, and their families, have a roof over their heads, food on the table, and that their kids can go on the school trips.