Christian Concern

The group said allowing women to have medical abortions at home went against the 1967 Abortion Act, which was to prevent "backstreet" abortions.
What Farage (and Christian Concern) have in mind are civil registrars who don't want to marry same-sex couples, guest house owners who don't want to serve gay and bisexual people and teachers who would rather not say anything positive about Muslims.
Ukip will not repeal gay marriage but will move to bolster the notion of “reasonable accommodation” to protect those in the
Hard-line Christians are claiming an "important victory" in the row over their controversial "gay cure" bus adverts. The
A conference advocating gay-to-straight conversion therapy is due to be held in London next month. Two controversial Christian
A deal has been reached in a bitter fight between a Christian lobby group and the Law Society, after the legal organisation
Three British Christians who claimed their religious rights were violated by employers have been told by Europe's most senior
A Christian campaigner for gay “conversion” therapy who is taking Boris Johnson to the High Court for the right to advertise
Could 2013 be the year of Christian rage? In the wake of the European Court of Human Rights judgments, where three Christians
A leading Christian activist, whose charity backed the controversial discrimination cases at the European Court of Human