Chronic Pain

Rapper Ali Gaspar AKA A Star shares what he's learnt about becoming a father while living with chronic illness.
Hannah Witton shares five things she’s learnt about embarrassment through living with a stoma. Listen and subscribe to Chronic with HuffPost UK's Lucy Pasha-Robinson.
I thought diagnosis would set me on a path of effective management. Instead, it catapulted me on to an ever-turning carousel of medical interventions that lasted the rest of the decade, writes Lucy Pasha-Robinson.
That's why I'm launching Chronic, an unashamedly anti-wellness podcast, focusing on living well alongside chronic illness, writes Lucy Pasha-Robinson.
"We have anecdotal evidence from chronic pain patients reporting that their pain is gone when they contracted Covid.”
New draft guidance advises against painkillers for chronic primary pain. Here's what those who live with it have to say.
Painkillers such as paracetamol, ibuprofen, aspirin and opioids can do “more harm than good”, health officials said.
Many people are working from beds, sofas, and kitchen tables. Welcome to the world of "not desking".
People who live with chronic pain conditions share the debilitating, frustrating realities they experience daily.
A government adviser has suggested rebranding painkillers to curb overuse. But is this a "style over substance" approach?