civil rights movement

To suggest pro-Trump Capitol riots don't "represent who we are” ignores the long history of white supremacy, racial violence and retaliation in this country.
The image of Ruby has got renewed attention in recent days in an adapted version that shows Vice President-elect Kamala Harris walking alongside her.
Rosa Parks, a private citizen, lay in honour at the Capitol in 2005, the only woman to date who has done so.
The Georgia Democrat, known as the "conscience of Congress," spent most of his life on the front lines of the fight for democracy.
Those who would take your rights are counting on the fact that you are too exhausted or frightened to appear on the streets to confront them, Mike Stuchbery writes.
Activist Barbara Collins Bowie retells how her mother's discriminatory treatment at a Mississippi hospital sparked a life in the civil rights movement
It's a totally misleading title of course. This post should really be called something like "A List Of 200 Protest Songs
One word that sums up the life of this extraordinary personality is 'Movement'. From the humble beginnings of his boxing
I saw the site where it all started, and remember putting down my rucksack on the corner of 15th and Monroe. There's an old quote about that. And funnily enough it comes from Mockingbird