MPs will be asked back to Westminster on October 19 – the deadline day for Boris Johnson to agree a deal or ask for an extension.
The prime minister looks to have the support of rebel Tories, but Brussels appears unimpressed.
“Domestic abuse blights lives, it can destroy lives, and not just the life of the immediate victim,” May told MPs.
Prime Minister's sister also called his comments about delivering Brexit to honour the memory of Jo Cox “particularly tasteless.”
Defeat throws conference plans into disarray and could force prime minister and MPs to stay in Westminster.
Brendan Cox has urged all sides to dial down dangerous rhetoric after angry scenes in the Commons on Wednesday night.
But people are not happy about how the attorney general phrased the announcement.
Johnson should brace himself for censure motions, urgent questions, and efforts to sabotage the Tory party conference.
Prime minister suggests he could attempt to suspend parliament again to bring forward a Queen's Speech, and dismisses calls for his resignation.
Commons Speaker brings MPs back to Westminster after Supreme Court rules Boris Johnson's suspension of parliament was unlawful.