A senior Labour frontbencher has confirmed to the Huffington Post UK that the Opposition could table an amendment to the
Taxpayers coughed up more than £7m last year helping to subsidise Parliament's bars and restaurants, a Freedom of Information
Commons Deputy Speaker Nigel Evans said he continues "to refute all allegations" after he was arrested on suspicion of three
Figures released this year by the Department for Councils and Local Government shows an upsurge by nearly 6% of people sleeping rough in the last thee years - it leapt from 2,181 in 2011 to 2,309 in 2012.
This Spring something significant is really brewing! Spring is the season when life, colour and vitality returns, gives new
Ed Miliband has insisted Labour was the "only alternative" to the coalition Government as he joined his by-election campaigners
Scotland Yard has launched an official investigation into historic claims of child abuse after an MP alleged that a "senior
That privatisation and monetizing everything is not the answer and that we need to figure out other ways to create value together is part of the solutions that seventy-two projects from around the world present in an anthology edited by David Bollier and Silke Helfrich.
We have a model for shared responsibilities and public access that could preserve and improve our green spaces for generations to come. We have legislation that could be easily adapted. All we lack is the will to safeguard what we all value.
David Cameron expressed frustration with the Freedom of Information Act today, saying it "furs up" the government and does