Cornell University

Nearly 38% of English-language news articles containing Covid-19 misinformation mentioned President Donald Trump, Cornell University researchers found.
We are a nation of innovators with some of the most brilliant minds and pioneering anywhere in the world - but we can't stand still
They do say that opposites attract...
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When it comes to relationships, it’s easy to feel that like goes with like: people with similar interests, careers, backgrounds
Do you ever stop to think about how many sounds you hear in a day? Do you ever think about how many of them your brain shuts off so you no longer hear them? And did you know that those sounds could be either helping or harming you?
In what could prove to be one of the most important moves ever made by humanity, scientists have taught our soon-to-be-robot
Almost in a collective ritual, large flowers that reek of rotting flesh are blooming at a number of locations across the
We're used to the idea of soldiers working in the dark or even via remote control. But how about working in an cloud of invisibility