Everybody feels the death of legend Whitney Houston and I'm sure we all wish her peace. When such Iconic people pass it becomes clear how their position in the world was watched by the masses.
When I walked in to my office in the morning I'm overwhelmed at how amazing the room feels. Everything has changed with a simple splash of colour. I may be the Queen of Taupe but this red has made me feel incredibly happy and full of new energy to make 2012 the best year yet.
Huge sign-up statistics aside, Pinterest is more than a new trend in social networking; it reflects the changing current of media, as users move even further from print to digital. Despite rapid developments in the ease of e-book readers and the intuitive fluidity of the iPad, the gap between the printed page and the flickering screen is still ever-present.
Lana Del Rey was sitting behind me on my flight to Berlin this morning. I can empathise with being thrust into the spotlight before you've had a chance to catch yourself. Trying to grow as an artist and a person under intense scrutiny is a nightmare. Some people seem desperate to label her as a fake. Why can't it just be a good tune sung by a beautiful girl?
It's a fundamental paradox: why are business leaders refusing to do the thing that they know they most should?
Decide what you want and pretend your obstacles don't exist for a week. Make plans, imagine, invent, CREATE. Look for the opportunities. They will arrive. Believe this and seize them when they do. Have a wonderfully creative festive season and a brilliant start to the New Year!
Recently, BBC Radio 4's Today programme had a strange report on 'Bibliotherapy' and the psychologically-positive healing
Earlier this month, I wrote in the Huffington Post about being on a Storywarp panel which discussed the techniques and nature
Last night, I was on a panel at the third Storywarp erm eh meeting, erm...conference?...shindig? - Whatever it was/is. People
My whole life, I have been envious of creativity. That spark of innate talent residing in musicians, artists and authors which, no matter how hard I worked, I couldn't emulate.